What brings us to the mountains? For everyone it’s different. But the reoccuring theme of self-discovery and self-compassion seems to run through and through.

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Where in the Heck

Where the heck did this love for the mountains start?


My name is Jessica, and I am an avid hiker who loves to experience the beauty of nature and push my limits through outdoor excursions. Throughout the pandemic, I discovered a passion for hiking and would often seek out nearby trails and parks as a way to refresh my mind and energize myself.

I have hiked in different parts of the country after that. The trails I like are those that are moderately challenging, as they allow me to test my limits and savor the breathtaking views during the trek.

Although I classify myself as an advanced beginner, I am always enthusiastic about expanding my knowledge of hiking and the outdoors. I am continuously searching for fresh obstacles and chances to improve my abilities as a hiker, like taking classes at the Adirondack Mountain Club to further my outdoor skills. 

When I’m not on the trail, I can be found adventuring with my son Henry, sharing our hiking experiences on my blog, Where in the Heck, or planning our next adventure. I want to inspire others to explore the great outdoors and discover the joy of hiking for themselves, especially those who think, “Oh! I could NEVER do that!” 

Want to join me in the mountains?